TOMORROW: Talk by Yoad Winter for the Presupposition reading group

Presupposition reading group, new season The presupposition reading group is resuming the meetings for this fall. The next meeting will take place tomorrow, 19th of November at Drift 15 room 0.03, from 10:30 until 12:00. Yoad Winter will give a talk on conditional presuppositions. Feel free to join if you are interested.  

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NLP reading group

The NLP reading group brings together people interested in Natural Language Processing/Computational Linguistics and Deep Learning for NLP. The group meets weekly (block 2, starting 15 November, Fridays 11:00-12:30, Trans 0.36) to discuss papers on NLP/CL related topics that are of interest to members of the group present on-going work  go through tutorials or get our…

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StreamGram – Open Forum for Grammatical Theory

StreamGram is an Open Access resource that collects links to theoretical linguistics events in streaming : talks, lectures, conferences. If you are streaming a theoretical linguistics event, or if you wish to put the video of a talk online so that other people can find it easily, please read the instructions and send us an…

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UTL talks: Irene Fernández Serrano & Rima Ben Ayeche

On November 12th, we will host two talks by two PhD candidates who are visiting our department. Irene Fernández Serrano (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) will give a talk entitled ‘Agreement and Spanish psych-verbs: defective phases revisited’.       Rima Ben Ayeche (University of Carthage) will give a talk entitled ‘The syntax of ellipsis in…

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Crash course in Formal Linguistics for PhDs

Crash course in Formal Linguistics for PhDs  Registration deadline: 25 November We’re happy to announce a crash course in formal linguistics for all PhD students at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, as well as potential participants from other departments and universities. This course will give young researchers who do not have previous training in Formal…

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