Syntax Reading Group

The Syntax Reading Group meets every other Thursday (but please do check the schedule), to discuss syntax articles.

The meetings will normally take place between 11:00 and 12:30 at Trans 10, room 0.51. 


Upcoming meetings:

November 7: Merchant (1998). Pseudosluicing: Elliptical clefts in Japanese and English. In: Alexiadou et al. (eds), ZAS working papers in linguistics, Vol. 10. Berlin, ZAS, pp. 88–112. (different room: Trans 10, 0.26!)


Previous meetings:

September 25: Bobaljik (2008). Where’s Phi? Agreement as a Post-Syntactic Operation. In Harbour et al. (eds), Phi-Theory: Phi features across interfaces and modules, pp. 295-328. Oxford: OUP.

October 18: Gallego (2018). Projection without agreement. The Linguistic Review 35(4): 601–623.